No-one is a better reviewer than children themselves! They know when a product is great fun, has got them really excited or caused lots of giggles.

At Whirligig, we listen to every child’s opinion!

Our ‘I Made This…’ competition has been incredibly  popular and our customer are delighted to see each and every child looking so proud of their finished products; this year, we are taking it a step further by launching our ‘Whirligigglers’ club!

Whirligig Toys I Made This Pirate

Become a Toy Reviewer…

Meet Reegan – she is the inventor of the name ‘Whirligigglers’ and the daughter of a member of our Canterbury store team.

Here is her review of a game that recently arrived – we think she has done a great job! We love her explanations on how to play the game and the opinions and critiques – it’s a simple idea, but children are excellent at communicating with other children and they really get the message across.

Oh – and here’s Reegan again – she loves to play!

If you think you have a potential Whirligiggler at home, we’d love to meet them! Just email info@whirligigtoys.co.uk or talk to your local shop manager. We are looking to put together a small team this year. Each Whirligiggler will receive free toys and get to share their views with the the Whirligig world!