Whirligig Toys is always changing…

We love to discover new and interesting ideas, here are some of our latest finds!

Our make your own music box range has been so popular and here is another new design!

This is an ice cream van to build. The model takes about 2 hours to build, carefully slotting the pieces together to build the moving structure. It is absolutely charming with a revolving ice cream on the top and another turning element inside the van.

Recommended 8+, this is a really interesting project to build. £19.99

Whirligig Toys - Music Box Moving Flavour 1
Whirligig Toys - Learn To Stitch 2

Next, a retro classic brought right up to date! This learn to stitch kit is so bright and colourful. There are 8 different cards and lengths of string so that you can create a pretty picture full of fabric. Great for getting dexterity skills going and a first step towards actual sewing.

Recommended 5+, £6.99

If you love a dinosaur, then this jumbo dinosuar floor puzzle is great fun. With 205 pieces and a 32 page book full of facts, figures and amazing information about dinosaurs, every child will love to play with this and the adults will want to join in as well!

Recommended age, 5+, £12.99

Whirligig Toys - Dinosaur Jigsaw1

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Our Latest Blog…

This month we’ve been looking into the world of STEM and asking, is it fun? Our blog is full of ideas about how you can bring STEM into games that you play at home, without having to spend hours on a screen or spend huge amounts on technology.

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And our latest winners…

Congratulations to the latest winners of our ‘I Made This Competition’ – great to see such happy faces!

Whirligig Toys I Made This Trex Model

As big as a T-Rex!

Whirligig Toys I Made This Tobbie Robot

A robot that you can programme

Whirligig Toys I Made This Trojan Horse

The Trojan horse – up to no good!

Whirligig Toys I Made This Bat

Bats are not scary…

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New opportunities at Whirligig…

Whirligig Toys are not currently recruiting, but when we are, this is the place to check!

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