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An Interesting Word For Every Day Of The Year

If you love words and their meanings, this book is a must!

Rare, exciting and interesting words are used alongside beautiful illustrations that will introduce these to your family. There are so many ways to use the book – look at the pictures to describe them and then use the new words to provide an alternative.

A wonderful way to build their vocabulary and explore new ways of talking.

Slow Down…

… and enjoy the moment.

The natural world is fascinating and there is so much to absorb if you just take the time. With 50 stories about the world around us, children are encouraged to notice the small things, plot their changes and relax at the same time. The activity cards are perfect for taking out into nature and building on the experience.

Mindfullness for the whole family.

Headbands To Make

Design your own accessories and change them every day with this lovely headband kit from Djeco.

With so many beads to choose from and a clever making space, this is all about the design and encourages children to make choices about how they want to create. Great for symmetry and fine motor skills, they can actually wear what they make.

Animal Screw Toys

Create your own moving wooden animals with this wonderful dexterity game from Djeco.

Vis n Roll features 3 animals and threaded screws – your job is to work out how to attach the pieces and to make them roll in just the right way.

Sounds simple until you think about all the skills they are going to have to learn. However, the animals are so lovely, they are going to want to try.

Our latest Whirligiggler Review

The latest Djeco products have just arrived in our shops – always a joy to receive new products from them. Here is one of our toy testers reviewing one of the art kits – a great way to get started with creative design.

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This month we have been looking at the issue of environmentally friendly toys and asking, Can our toys be green? Here are our thoughts on the toy world and how we go about selecting the toys that we include in our range.

And our latest winners…

Congratulations to the latest winners of our ‘I Made This Competition’ – great to see such happy faces!

Whirligig Toys - I Made This...

A perfect way to travel

Whirligig Toys - I Made This...

A delicate music box creation

Whirligig Toys - I Made This...

This robot knows where the edge is

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