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We love to discover new and interesting ideas, here are some of our latest finds!

A Building Challenge

This is an earthquake generator. Build the tallest and most stable tower that you can and then see if you can withstand the earthquake. This is generated by a vibrating plate – you can control the duration, the intensity and also the type of earthquake pattern.

How long will your tower last!

Great instuctions and illustrations – the whole family will want to join in! £29.99

Whirligig Toys - Aftershock1
Whirligig Toys - Block Retro Game1

Retro Block Game

This game never gets tired. However, this is a new twist – this time you need to build the game from scratch. You are supplied with the case, the electrical components and the instructions from the Haynes manual company and you are off!

Simple to build and with a great payoff that you can actually play the game! £24.99

Robot in a can…

Well this does exactly what it says on the tin!

This is a remote control robot in a can! With simple controls and a cool movement – a great stocking filler for big and small children! £9.99

Whirligig Toys - Robot In A Can Yellow

Our latest Whirligiggler Review

Our toy testers have been at it again and this time they have reviewed the Glow in the Dark T-shirt!

You can find more toy reviews here.

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Our Latest Blog…

This month we have been looking at Cool Presents for 10 year olds – a wonderful age to buy for with so much they can achieve – but how do buy them something cool?

Here are 10 great tips and suggestions…

And our latest winners…

Congratulations to the latest winners of our ‘I Made This Competition’ – great to see such happy faces!

A musical pair

Tiny robots rule

A very personal marble run!

Beautiful music

Marbles are go!

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