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Back by popular demand!

Orpheus is the saddest robot in the world! But he is also a wonderful music box to build and construct.

Made from laser cut pieces, this clever kit will really test good builders, with an exceptional result – a robot playing ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ – the perfect tune for Orpheus to play if you know the story.

We love the detail in this robot – he looks even better if you paint him.

Whirligig Toys - Orpheus Music Box 1
Whirligig Toys - Coding Robot

Coding without a computer – sounds old school, and it sort of is!

This robot will draw a picture, kick or throw a ball amongst other actions. The coding is achieved by moving pegs around the central wheel which will then press on other pieces, turning the product left and right or operating the movement controls. Get the pegs in the right place to create your code.

A really interesting build that puts the computer programmes into context!

A classic, with, literally, a new twist!

This is a new build your own music box. Based on the traditional treasure box idea, this music box is one that you build yourself.

A fantastic mechanism, this construction kit will make owning this box all the more satisfying.

Whirligig Toys - Make a Music Box Ballerina 3

Our latest Whirligiggler Review

Our team of toy testers have been busy. Here is the latest review of World Flick Golf. A great insight into a product given by a person who really knows!

You can find more toy reviews here.

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Our Latest Blog…

This month we have been looking at how we build on the huge range of skills and experiences that children collect from playing with Lego.

How do we add to this and give them alternative to show that building, construction and problem solving are not just all about the wonderful brick?

This blog looks at different materials and different challenges that will build on their experiences and take them further.

And our latest winners…

Congratulations to the latest winners of our ‘I Made This Competition’ – great to see such happy faces!

A musical ice cream

Aquarellum wax painting

Medieval Timberkit fun

Sequin perfection

Ice cream madness!

Real tractor fun

Fantastic mosaic colours

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Whirligig Toys are not currently recruiting, but when we are, this is the place to check!

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