Whirligig Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Whirligig’s Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

90-92 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RT – 01892 532112

Open Monday – Saturday 9.00 – 5.30, Sunday 10.00 – 4.00

Whirligig Tunbridge Wells

Full of wonderful creative toys to discover and play with.

Located in the heart of Tunbridge as part of the iconic Opera House building. With a wide variety of toys for all ages, our Tunbridge Wells toyshop always has something new to discover.

Launch the video to see inside our shop…

Whirligig Toys - Tunbridge Wells Manager Matt

Our shop manager Matt with Timmy Mallett at Toy Fair 2019!

What will you discover in the Tunbridge Wells Toyshop?

Whirligig Tunbridge Wells

Great insects for Springtime

Whirligig Tunbridge Wells

Little ones will be right at home

Whirligig Tunbridge Wells

New construction kits

Whirligig Tunbridge Wells

Fantastic arts and craft presents

Manager’s Special

We are really excited about our new range of glow in the dark t-shirts. Supplied with a light pen, just draw your design on the shirt at night and watch as it comes to life! The designs will last for about 5 minutes before fading away for the next one – they also work with a mobile phone torch. Great for the school disco!

This month, we are offering a 20% discount on these great t-shirts. Just visit the Tunbridge Wells shop and say ‘GLOW’ and we will give you a 20% discount when you sign up to our free monthly newsletter. Enjoy the party!

Whirligig Toys - Illuminated Tshirt1

Some of our recent winners….

Magical music boxes

Marbles running everywhere

Whirligig Toys - I Made This fairy mosaic

Special art projects

Whirligig Toys I Made This Unicorn

Unicorns really can fly

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Whirligig Toys Partner Djeco

Whirligig is the home of Djeco in Tunbridge Wells.

This fantastic range from Paris includes wonderful arts and crafts kits, games and puzzles and a superb range of toys for the very young. We love the quality of the pieces, the care they have taken over every instruction and the results you get from completing the projects they present.

The shop is full of samples that we have made up to show you – we can’t stop playing with them!

If you love Djeco, Whirligig is a great place to see the whole range.

Whirligig Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Winner of the Muddy Stilettos Best Children’s Business in Kent

Whirligig Toys - London Toy Fair

Fun at the Toy Fair!

Whirligig Toys - Let Toys Be Toys

Winner of the Let Toys Be Toys Toymark award for good practice

Whirligig Toys Tunbridge Wells Lantern Parade

Fun at the Lantern Parade

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