Whirligig Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Whirligig’s Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

90-92 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RT – 07727 661567

We are currently available online only.

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Due to the current health crisis, our Tunbridge Wells Toy Shop is temporarily closed.

We will be continuing to work through our online toy shop, with an extended range of products available online.

We look forward to reopening our shop as soon as possible and would like to thank our customers for continuing to support our business during this difficult time.

Launch the video to see inside our shop…

Whirligig Toys - Tunbridge Wells Manager Matt

Our shop manager Matt with Timmy Mallett at Toy Fair 2019!

What will you discover in the Tunbridge Wells Toyshop?

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Magnetic toys to investigate

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Creative gifts to make

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Fantastic construction kits

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Our new birds have landed

Some of our recent competition winners….

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Proud construction success

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

This music box is ready to spin

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

A clever marble run

Tunbridge Wells Toyshop

Mosaics of all kinds

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The Tunbridge Wells Toy Shop is full of unusual, quality suppliers who you will not find in most of the mainstream shops. We love beautiful toys and really engage the children and have an ever changing mix of toys and games.

A great place to find the perfect present.

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Tunbridge Wells Toy Shop

Join us for free Rhyme Time on Fridays at Trinity Theatre

Tunbridge Wells Toy Shop

Supporters of the Mayor’s Toy Appeal

Tunbridge Wells Toy Shop

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Whirligig Toys Tunbridge Wells Lantern Parade

The place to buy your lanterns for the parade

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