No-one is a better reviewer than children themselves! They know when a product is great fun, has got them really excited or caused lots of giggles.

At Whirligig, we listen to every child’s opinion!

So, we have a fantastic team of toy reviewers – our ‘Whirligigglers’!

Some of our new and exciting products are here – see what you think!

Whirligig Toys I Made This Pirate

A great family game reviewed here – I Saw This First In The Jungle, reviewed by our family of Whirligigglers!

We also asked their parent for a review: “I really liked this game. It’s not complicated to set up or learn how to play. It’s well made and it can last for ages or if you play against the timer, it could be one of those ‘quick games before bed’. Also it doesn’t matter what age you are as it’s really about spotting the picture first. Perfect for all the family!”

Djeco’s Flamboyant Sequins allows you to create amazing pictures using great materials.

The parents said:

“I really enjoyed this activity with my child, we found it very calming and relaxing with easy to follow instructions. I would recommend an adult’s supervision initially when setting this up as it does come with lots of pins and sequins which carefully need putting to one side to enable you to pin the correct sequins onto the picture board you are working on.

The instructions are super easy to follow and once set up you can leave your child to complete this on their own or indeed complete this activity with them. I really enjoyed working on this it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours creating two wonderful pictures which now sit proudly on my child’s bedroom wall and would recommend this product for any children who love creating.”

Jump In is a great logic and thinking game featuring the cutest bunnies. Our toy reviewer gives it a great video – a game that really got her brain working!

The parents said “Smart Games have done it again! With 60 levels, this puzzle allows you to proceed at your own pace and whilst the beginning levels are simple enough there is enough to challenge children and adults alike. The game is well constructed and the pieces are nice to hold. The only thing that would make the game better is if the lid had clips to keep it attached to the bottom – then you could just throw it in a bag. Otherwise a rubber band does the trick!”

See what you think!

Flick World Golf is a game that the whole family can join in with.

Our great toy tester shows just how simple it is to get started and improve your targeting skills!

We hope you like it!

Djeco make a great range of games and here is one our favourites, a Memory Fairy Tale game, reviewed by the original Whirligiggler, Reegan.

A great explanation that really brings the game to life – I think we know who is going to win!

Keep an eye out for new reviews as they arrive – we hope you find them a useful way of finding the perfect present for the person in your life and give you ideas for the future as well.

We’d like to thank our reviewers and their film crews for the time they have spent playing – hope you all had fun!