Amazonia 3D Poster Art

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The Amazonia  3D Poster Art kit will brighten up every room!

This bright and colourful poster is a 3D parrot, ready to fly off into the jungle. It is made by taking pre-cut pieces and bending and folding them and then attaching them to the background using either clever slits or glue, all provided. With really clear instructions, this is a job for a patient person who loves to see a piece of art evolve. A perfect start to any project on rainforests and animals, this will look amazing when they have finished and they will have learnt so many paper handling techniques that they can then try out for themselves on new projects.

Fill your world with colour!

  • The colours are vivid
  • The instructions and techniques are clear and easy to follow
  • They will be able to create other pictures using these skills

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