Animal Story Box

Endless story telling possibilities!


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Do you love to invent stories? Animal Story Box is just the set you need!

With 20 double sided interactive pieces that will slot together in anyway you like, there are so many possibilities. Start with as many or as few pieces as you like, choose the story you want to tell and then select random pieces to see what happens next. There will always be a different outcome and each picture is full of so much detail that you can always find a different way to look at them.

A polar bear sets sail for the Caribbean and meets animal pals along the way. But can you stop evil pirates from ramming the bear’s boat? And how will the group reach the tortoise’s birthday party while there’s a tornado brewing? Tell a different story each time you play! Just one example – what will happen in your story?

A wonderful resource for parents who can never think of a new bedtime story!

  • The pictures are beautiful and the animals are having adventures
  • There is a different way to tell the story every time
  • They can be in charge of what happens next

Available September 2018

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