Animal Survival

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Animal Survival – meet 20 remarkable species, each facing the challenge of survival.

From the rainforests to the savannah and to the depths of the ocean, animal life in every continent and habitat has been affected by human activity. Fighting for survival, this book looks at what the animals are up against and how we can help, make a difference and join the movement and be inspired to help.

What makes this book come to life are the dramatic and powerful animal portraits by Louise McNaught. Each image jumps off the page, with her stylist and vibrant art work alongside essential information including maps, population and how their environment is impacted. Discover the red wolf from a small area of eastern California and the golden poison frog from Colombia and of course the iconic giant panda.

A book that tells the truth about what is happening and encourages us all to play our part.

  • There animals are so interesting
  • The art work is dramatic and striking
  • They can see how we are all involved

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