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A medical mystery


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Deep in the unseen world, viruses are multiplying and taking over. Can you defeat them?

Anti-virus mutation is about finding out how to move the red virus pieces out of the maze and you are in charge!

This is a captivating game that will really engage the whole family. With 60 levels to play through, from easy to expert, this game involves moving the pieces around the board to release the red virus – a spacial awareness game that takes some real thinking skills. You may need to move the pieces together as a group, shunt them out of the way or think about how the pieces can move in the wrong direction first to get to your final answer.

The game is presented in a sturdy travel case with pieces that are great to move around and feel really solid. We loved the quality of the pieces and the way the game was introduced – easy to start, but fiendish to finish.

Have fun!

  • The challenges are easy to get started but can really challenge you
  • The idea of capturing the virus is very appealing
  • They will be able to show off to the adults who can’t solve the problems

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