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Apple Twist – make a lovely home for all the caterpillars!

Apple Twist is a logic and thinking game that starts off with lovely pieces that are easy to place, but grows as you work through the levels to provide a real challenge. The base is an apple, that can twist! There are letters on one side and numbers on the other, so that each board has a different combinations of spaces – reading the code to make up the board is part of the challenge. There are three bendy caterpillars, each of them looking for a comfortable home to stay in the apple.

Each level gives you some clues as to where the caterpillars are, with a colourful face or a piece of the body shown. The key is that they all bend in different places, meaning that there is only one way to get them all sitting in the holes. They are not allowed to settle on any part of the apple, they need to be in the dimples. Try lots of ways of twisting and turning the caterpillars until they all sit down together and are ready for their dinner.

We love the pieces which are so tactile in this game. As you work through the 60 levels, the clues become less helpful and will make everyone really think. As with all games from Smart Games, this comes with a guarantee that if you loose any of the pieces, the company will replace them free of charge, as you need all the pieces to play the game.

  • There are some lovely, bendy caterpillars to play with
  • They can work through the levels and solve all the challenges
  • They could make up their own versions as well

This video shows the game in action:

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