Are You Calling Me A Cheetah?

Can you spot the difference?


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Are you calling me a cheetah? Don’t you know who I am?!!!!

This is a great new way of putting a memory and matching game together. These are all animals that often get mistaken for each other. Cheetahs and leopards, frogs and toads, turtles and tortoises. You are looking for the animals that DON’T match in this game.

With beautiful illustrations and a great guide that shows how the animals are both similar and very different, this is a lovely game for the whole family. Start by matching the animals together and then turn the cards over and see who can remember where the pairs are.

We love the idea of this and it is so well presented. A great family game.

  • The pictures are really beautiful
  • The animals are sometimes so similar
  • They will be able to spot the differences

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