Ballista Wooden Model

Build a fully working wooden model of a ballista and see how far you can make it fly.


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Ballista ready. Take aim…fire!

Create your own working model of a classic weapon with this ballista kit. Widely used by the Greeks and Romans and invented over 2000 years ago, the ballista used stored energy in a twisted sinew to give it power and it was one of the key ingredients in helping the Romans conquer countries all across Europe.

The kit has great instructions and everything you need to complete the project. The build will take approximately one hour to complete and once created, should fire a small wooden projectile over 15 feet!

We love the construction methods used here – everything is pre-cut and ready to go with very detailed instructions that make it a pleasure to build. Once finished, you really get to feel how the original might have worked.

  • The design is based on a real machine
  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • They can actually make their design work

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