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Balloon To The Moon – one of the many attempts we had in order to explore the mysteries of space.

In 1969, humans walked on the moon! How did we get there? It all began in 1783, when a sheep, a duck and a rooster became the first creatures to fly in a hot air balloon. In just a few hundred years, we were sending astronauts to space. This wonderful illustrated book has a real retro space feel and is filled with the history of one our greatest achievements. Find out about supersonic man, the space race and who won and the great escape for Apollo 13.

This is perfect for anyone planning their first exploration of the galaxy – really readable with fascinating facts, cartoon strips and stories of how people dreamed about the stars and made it happen.

  • There are so many different stories to tell
  • The style is really friendly and fascinating to read
  • They can plan their next galactic adventure

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