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They are everywhere – every environment, every country, every dark corner. But how much do we really know about them? The Big Book of Bugs knows more!

This is an amazing large format hard backed book full of wonderful information and illustrations that bring the whole subject to life. Yuval Zommer has put together information that introduces the concept of a bug and then goes into detail about different groups. The information is presented in such an engaging way, with fascinating facts and ideas and present their world in intricate detail and will give children who love all things that creep, crawl, gather and scamper a great insight into this often hidden world.

We loved the illustrations – so much colour and with such an  accessible style – everyone will want to get their hands on this in the house, most of all the bugs you already live with!

  • The information is so well presented
  • The pictures really bring the book to life
  • The facts really are fascinating!

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