Brain Train

Complete the brain train puzzles by using your number skills – complete the track before the train comes!


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The train is coming – can we build the complete track before it arrives? The brain train demands answers!

Well – this depends! The answer is yes, you can just put the jigsaw pieces together to build a huge range of tracks. But the joy in this game is building the right one!

There are 40 number puzzles to complete – each gets more difficult as you work through. Each of the track pieces has a number on it – all you need to do is to find the ones that add up to the total required. However, there are more combinations than you first think! If the target number is 15 made with three pieces of track, is it 5 + 5 + 5 or 6 + 6+ 3? Of in fact any of the many other combinations that you could choose to make the target number. As the numbers get higher, the range of choices increases.

We love the idea here – the toy grows with you as your number skills increase. A great one for children to show off their dexterity with numbers – the adults will never keep up! A great way of hiding number skills away in a game that is just great fun.

  • The train has a great movement
  • The puzzles start off easy and gradually build up their difficulty
  • The answers are all provided!

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