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Bubbles – a fast paced game where numbers are the key.

To start this game, place all the bubble cards on the table face up. Roll the four dice, which will then show numbers from 1 – 20. If you can find a card that shows the bubbles in the same order as the dice, you can swipe that card, burst the bubbles and win the round.

Sounds simple, but this game has lots of hidden maths inside it. To match the card, children will need to position the numbers in the correct order, understanding place value and size, match the colours and find the card at speed. It is a great fun game to play and you will be practicing your number skills at the same time. When you are ready, change the numbers on the dice to larger ones and play again – the same rules apply, just using more complex numbers.

  • It is fast and furious
  • They can win only when they can use the numbers
  • The last card is so hard to win!

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