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Bug Me Not – a chase and race game with lots of bugs on the loose!

This is a lovely first turn taking game for children 4+. Each player starts with a frog at the corner of the board and the winner is the first to reach the opposite corner. In order to move, the player rolls a dice and it if shows a bug that is next to them, they have to move to this square, even if it is behind them. If you roll a dice and another frog is sitting on your square, you can choose to send them back to the beginning.

With lovely illustrations and a beautifully made bug die, this game is simple to learn and can be played in about 10 minutes. You can also make up lots of new rules to make it more interesting.

  • There are so many bugs to spot!
  • The game is simple to learn
  • They will need to choose their moves carefully to win

Here is our video showing the game in action:

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