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Build Your Own Robots – it is all about the design!

Let your imagination run riot and let the robots take over the world! This is a pack of 174 strong card pieces with amazing designs which you can combine in infinate ways to make your own version of the new order. Start by following some patterns – there are 30 designs that have been put together to give you a start, but there are no rules. If you want your robot to have multiple arms in order to complete many functions as once, the choice is yours, just watch out for the ones that tickle!

Beautifully presented in a really sturdy box, the pieces all punch out of cards so that you can collage them on a work surface. There is a cute cloth bag to keep all the pieces safe and a guide book full of ideas. What we love most is the quality of the illustration on each and every piece – they have really thought about how they can be combined to make a robot that will perform. Name your creations, invent tasks for them to perfect and then take over the world!

  • There are so many different ways to combine the pieces
  • They can do whatever they like
  • Each design can be changed and improved as you perfect your robot

Here is our video showing idea on using this amazing product:

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