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Build Your Own Telescope and see what is really out there!

This creative kit allows you to build a fully working telescope. There are 29 slot together cardboard parts to build with and no glue is required. Just pop out the pieces and work through the detailed instructions to build your model. Once built, the telescope extends to 72cm long, using a sliding focusing tube, a real glass lens and an adjustable stand with a degree finder. The telescope gives an incredible 16x magnification.

The build is great fun and takes approximately 1-2 hours. Once built, the fun can start by using the telescope to identify all sorts of objects in the sky. With no plastic in the kit, and clear instructions that make the project easy to build, we are very impressed with this model.

  • They can build it on their own – great instructions
  • They can use all the features to find their own objects
  • It really works!

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