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Meet the bunny who likes to say boo! But where is Bunny Boo today?

This looks like a wooden stacking game, but it is so much more! Bunny comes with 60 different challenge cards, each getting progressively more difficult, that ask the child to copy the picture and recreate bunny with the other blocks. Bunny may be behind them, next to them, on top of them, underneath… The combinations are endless. Match the picture to bunny to win the card.

This is the best logic game we have come across for the very young. For 2 years , children will start by playing with the lovely wooden pieces and then get started on the challenges. Really interesting to watch what they can do.

Watch them work it out and enjoy!

  • Bunny Boo is a lovely bunny!
  • The challenges are not too difficult to get started with
  • The blocks are great fun to push over
  • Everyone will want to play with them

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