Busy Bugs Logic Game

Think like a bug…


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Busy Bugs – each trying to ensure that they are in the sunlight – but can you control them?

Busy Bugs is a magnetic book of challenges. Each level starts with a picture of bugs crawling around in the ground and four magnetic stone pieces, each in different shapes. The challenge will tell you which insects are meant to be out in the sunshine and which are burrowing below the surface. To solve the problem, twist and turn the magnets until you find the right combination so that only the right insects are shown.

These magnetic games are perfect for travelling or just some quiet time on your own. There are 48 levels in the game, which get progressively more difficult, but are nice and easy to start with to give the player confidence and to show how the game works. Take the game anywhere and try a different challenge each time. The book also comes with clear rules and also the answers – very useful if you are getting stuck so that you can work out how they achieved it so that you can use these skills in the next level.

Great designs and some serious thinking required.

  • There are so many challenges to try
  • They can play anywhere
  • The top levels will need some clever thinking

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