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The Butterfly Garden – a little world of metamorphosis.

Give children the opportunity to watch the whole life cycle of an amazing creature. This kit comes with a net environment, perfect for raising and growing butterflies until they are ready to fly away. Most importantly, the kit contains a voucher – send this off and a few days later a small pot of tiny caterpillars will arrive through the post, with all the food that they need to grow and turn themselves into a chrysalid. Transfer these to your butterfly garden and watch as they emerge as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

This is an amazing science activity. Keep records, make observations, draw diagrams, and when they are ready, release them into the garden to start the process again. With very clear instructions and information from a company who really care about the welfare of the animals, this is a lovely family activity and a memorable moment when the butterflies fly away.

  • They can be in charge of every stage
  • They can keep their own records and information
  • They can be there for the release of the new butterflies

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