Butterfly Garden

Watch as your butterflies come to life!


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The Butterfly Garden kit is a great way to get the whole family marvelling at the wonders of nature and hooked on animals.

Inside the box is a butterfly keepers net, a feeding tool and most importantly a voucher! Send your voucher off and through the post you will receive a set of 5 live caterpillars. Set up a feeding station for them and watch as they increase in size 10 times. They will then make their fascinating chrysalises! In about a week you will be able to watch as real painted lady butterflies emerge and then live in your butterfly garden. Help them build up strength and then release them into the garden.

This is a lovely thing for any child to do, and you can keep the kit and do again and again each year! This company really care about the insects and everything is so well put together.

  • They are in charge of their own butterflies
  • The whole family will love watching the change
  • The butterfly release day makes a lovely photo!

You can see a video of the kit here:

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