Camelot Junior Puzzle

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Will the prince ever meet the princess? It is down to you! Take the Camelot Junior challenge!

This is a marvellous thinking game made entirely of chunky wooden blocks. With 48 challenges that get progressively more difficult, your job is to make the pathway to connect the two characters. This involves using the blocks by turning, swapping and experimenting until you find the right pathway.

This is a great challenge game, and just fun to play with the pieces. The challenges really make you think about the shapes that are available and how they could be put together. We love the feel of the pieces and were really impressed with way the booklet shows the challenges and the solutions.

  • The castle pieces are great fun to play with
  • They can make the prince walk across to meet his princess
  • The challenges start off easy so everyone can do some of them
  • They can work through and solve all the levels

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