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Explore chemistry with this fantastic set packed with 28 experiments. Children can learn about reactions between materials in different states, perform magic tricks, make chemical react and fizz together and carry out investigations into a whole range of different materials. There is a 48 page full colour book that gives all the experiments real meaning and really clear instructions.

The box contains Experiment manual, Citric acid, Indicator solution, Potassium ferro cyanide, Ammonium iron sulphate, Sodium carbonate, 3x test tubes, Measuring spoon, 2 pipettes, Plug, Goggles, Lid opener, Battery connector

Finally, and after much searching, we have come across the real chemistry set that has proper scientific experiments in it and is not just a box full of air – there are lots of them around! This set is the first in a range of science kits designed by science teachers to give children an insight into how chemistry really works. We are very impressed and hope to add to this range later.

  • The can conduct simple but real experiments
  • The instructions and explanations are excellent
  • There are lots of investigations to be done


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