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Chicken Shuffle will get the whole family clucking – but who can solve the problem?

Chicken Shuffle is a great logic and thinking game. With 48 challenges, start by putting the card underneath the play pieces and then move the chickens around the grid. They won’t be happy until each of them is covering one of the eggs and they can then peck away at the ground and have dinner.

Your job is to find the right sequence – the pieces are all attached and therefore the only way to solve the problem is to slide them round the board until they are in the right configuration. It’s a game that needs some planning, some patience and a bit of luck. With charming chickens that actually peck the ground when you move them, and lovely illustrations, this is a great game for children on the move and whilst the early levels are quite easy to do, the later ones will get the whole family thinking.

We love the chickens – they are so cute!

  • The game rules are easy to learn
  • There are lots of challenges
  • You can play on the move and the grown ups will never catch up with you!

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