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Chroma Cube is the stylish logic game that will get your colours sorted!

This beautiful wooden game is full of challenge. There are 15 coloured wooden cubes – each known by a colour from mint to magenta and beyond. There are 25 puzzles to solve. Each card gives you a layout for the cubes, with some missing. You need to identify where the rest of the cubes go in relation to the others from the clues on the card. It will tell you that they are in the same column, the same row, not next to one another, or the furthest away possible. You may need to read through the clues several times to go back and see the patterns – when you have placed all 15 cubes into the box, turn over the card to reveal the answer.

The stylish design elevates this clever logic game to a whole new level. A box with 15 gorgeous coloured cubes, each one sitting on top at a jaunty angle – even if you don’t play the game, the box will look stunning on any coffee table and makes a great talking point, or even a colour chart for your next decorating scheme!

We love how this game has been made – really makes you think and will get everyone talking together. A beautiful present.

  • The cubes are great colours
  • The clues really make you think
  • The grown ups will definitely want to play!

This video gives you more of an idea:

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