Clickety Flix Retroscope

Let the cameras roll!

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The Clickety Flix Retroscope is your ticket to Hollywood!

If you have ever wanted to make your own films, here is your chance! This clever animation machine is a construction kit to build for yourself. Made from sturdy MDF pieces that slot together easily and are held in place with elastic bands, the machine will create an animation sequence that will delight everyone who plays it. With really clear instructions and step by step diagrams, you can build the machine in about an hour.

The kit comes with two sets of animations, one cartoon and one of a film show showing a running man. You also get a set of blank cards and great information on how to put together your own animations, using a grid so that you can control the movements across the cards.

A great piece of engineering that will really capture a child’s imagination and get them planning and thinking ahead (and you will have great fun too!)

  • The build is great fun and not too difficult
  • The animation sequences are really interesting
  • The options are endless with your own designs

Here is a video of us playing…

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