Cobra Paw

Become a Ninja – win your way to Cat Mastery!


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Cobra Paw is a ninja-link cat of speed and agility – only the master ninja cat will win the game!

This is a really fun game for the whole family. Can you be the first one to spot the patterns, claim the piece and win the honour of the Grand Shidoshi, Master Meow?! Start by passing out the Clawfuku stones, which are a bit like mahjong pieces. Each one contains two different symbols to spot. Now roll the two dice and be the first one to spot the pattern combination on the table.

And now it is a game of speed and accuracy – you have to put your finger in the right spot first and claim the tile for yourself – you can steal them from others and need to protect your own. It is a game that is really quick to learn but you can play it over and over again. We were really impressed by the quality of the pieces and the simple rules that are explained in great Ninja language!

  • They can get started really quickly
  • The rules are great fun to learn
  • They will be quicker than the grown ups and will generally win!

Here is a video from the game’s creators:

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