Colour Catch Puzzle

Lizards and frogs and flies!


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Colour Catch is the perfect game to get your head thinking – but watch out, it will catch you out!

Created by Smart Games, this is the latest in a series of amazing logic games that are aimed for children 7+ to adult – and we do mean adult (because we can’t finish them – children are much better at these than we are!)

The concept is simple – there are five playing pieces, each with a combination of a lizard, a frog or a fly. Follow the rules to fit the pieces on to the square but matching the colours of the animals and ensuring that they are next to a fly so that they can each, or not next to one if it is not there turn to eat. This is where the challenge lies. The animals are clear and the colours shine through from the board below. As you move through the 48 levels, the clues become more difficult and give you less to work with – you will not believe just how many combinations there are.

We loved the concept of this – it looks so simple but really got us thinking and finding new ways to combine the pieces. Really attractive game as well, presented in a great travel case so that you can play on the move.

  • The rules are quick to learn
  • There are so many levels to master
  • They will be able to show off to the adults who are struggling

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