Cottontail Cottage Dolls House

A delightful home for you and your bunny…


Product Recommended age: 3 Plus


The Cottontail Cottage Dolls House may just be the your idea of a perfect home!

This gorgeous wooden dolls house brings traditional play right into the heart of the home with everything you need to get started. The rather grand detached cottage is a playground for rabbits, who feature on the front of the house and are also looked after with a big bowl of carrots to keep them happy. With a stylish room in the roof and a front that hinges open to reveal all the life inside, this is a perfect place for children to tell stories and create their own little world of characters.

Using top quality birch plywood to construct the house and furniture made from sustainable rubber wood which never chips, this is a toy that will really last. Supplied with the house is a set of retro furniture including a bed with all the bed clothes, a hanging rail and lamp, a range cooker with kettle, table, chairs, sofa, and of course a bunny with a rug to sit on and a basket full of carrots. The house measures 44 x 33.2 x 47.5 cm and is easily put together with no glue required, so can also be stored safely if required.

We love the detail in this house – just enough to get you started and just the right amount of space to allow you to add in your own characters and other essentials for the family who are going to move in. The wood is also carefully sourced and will last and last.

Please note – this product will be shipped to you directly – you are more than welcome to continue shopping on our site, as this will give you free postage, but this does mean that you will receive two separate parcels. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a gift wrapping service on this item. Alternatively, you can arrange to collect from one of our shops, which will take a few days to organise.

  • The house opens up to see everything inside
  • The furniture is delightful
  • There are stories to be told and a rabbit to keep busy


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