Crazy Palace Game

Who can reach the highest heights?


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Crazy Palace is perhaps one of the best wooden games we have ever played!

Think of classic jenga and then add a new element to it! Reach for the sky by stacking your pieces as high as you can go – take it turns to roll the dice, you might need to put a small, medium or large piece on top and then add your character piece on top as well. At the end of the game, the highest character wins, but if the tower falls over before that happens, the person who causes it loses.

There is just so much strategy and jeopardy in this game – how will you stack them, what chances will you take, who will wobble first. We think that this could become a classic family game. In the meantime, it is also beautiful! Made by an Italian furniture factory near Milan, all the pieces are carefully crafted and the character pieces are really cute.

This is a game that could cause a huge amount of fun in your family.

  • No matter, they are going to win!
  • There are so many different options
  • The rules are really easy to learn

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