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Cubeez – the race for the face is on!

Cubeez is a speed game for up to four players, although we will warn you now – the children are going to win at this one! Each person has a set of four wooden blocks – one of the cards is turned over and all you have to do is to match the cheeky face on the card with your blocks. But, which order do they go in? Twist and rotate the blocks to find the right combination and be the first to match the card to win the points. Watch out for the stacking ones – they really make you think.

We love this simple and fun game that takes no time to learn but can be played over and over again – you will be surprised by how many combinations are possible and just how fast children can make them. A great one for dexterity. We also added a new twist in by saying that you had to pull the funny face on the card yourself in order to complete the go – hilarious!

  • The game is easy to learn and play
  • There are so many different combinations
  • Everyone will want to join in and play

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