Da Vinci Drawmaton – The Gambler

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It you want to amaze your friends, build the Da Vinci Drawing Machine and watch their fascination as it actual completes a drawing in front of their eyes.

This clever construction kit is made from 122 wooden pieces, each carefully slotted together with excellent instructions. Once completed, special plates are selected that will interact with the gears in just the right way to draw one of 4 different pictures. These machines have been created by Robotime/Rokr in collaboration with paper engineer Robert Sabuda, these amazing automatons have brought one of the first ever machines back to life.

The Gambler features three different coloured woods and a quirky skeleton who is ready to draw a the picture. An amazing build followed by a machine that will be able to repeat it’s task over and over again, each time as fascinating as the last. These kits are recommended for 14+, meaning that younger children will require some supervision or support if they are going to attempt them.

  • The machine is an amazing build
  • There are 4 different pictures available to draw
  • The whole family will want to watch

This short video shows all three of the machines in action. Please note, this video shows a quill pen, but the product is supplied with 2 gel pens with free flowing ink:

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