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Dinosaur Metal Kits – a perfect way to create your favourite pre-historic beasts.

This ‘meccano’ style kits are full of lots of things to do. Supplied with a screwdriver, a spanner, metal locking pieces and nuts and bolts alongside some colourful plastic pieces, your model will start to come to life by following the detailed step by step instructions.

Each kit has between 120 and 170 pieces to put together, so quite a project. There are four different models – pterosaur, triceratops, stegosaurus and of course T-Rex – whilst we can’t specify which one you are going to get, they are all great designs and if you are buying more than one, we will try to ensure that you get a variety. If you are collecting the set, just email us and we will see if we have a particular one available.

Good equipment, good instructions – time to get started.

  • They are using real tools
  • The instructions are excellent
  • They can take it apart and build something else afterwards

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