Dinosaur Mystic Islands

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Watch out – these dinosaurs are hungry and if they end up on the same island, there could be carnage

Dinosaur Mystic Islands is part of the amazing thinking games series from Smart Toys. Each challenge sets out a layout for some of the dinosaurs and then the remaining pieces need to be added into the board. If the dinosaurs of different colours are on the same island, the eating starts happening – so you need to make sure that they are separated.

There are 80 different challenges to complete, each becoming more difficult as they go through. With simple instructions and lots of help in the first few levels, this is a game that will get children hooked and determined to complete the levels – something that children are just better at than the adults so be prepared to be left behind!

The board and pieces have a great feel to them and really encourage the child to think about space, shape and pattern – a great game for a child who loves to solve a problem.

  • The puzzles have a great story behind them
  • The first few levels are easy to solve
  • The dinosaurs are cute!
  • The adults will never be able to find the answers

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