Djeco Magnetic Geobonnehomme

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Magnetic Geobonnehomme from Djeco has just so many different ways you can use it – a lovely toy to last a long time.

This is a wonderful activity. With 42 colourful wooden magnetic pieces and 24 ideas cards, children can arrange the shapes to create what ever they want to do. The idea cards include pictures of horses, knights, playful children and will involve the children in shape recognition and hand eye coordination to get everything in right place. When they are confident, you could also play this as a describing game, using colours and shapes names to build a new picture.

This is a lovely toy that will last forever with so many different ways of using it – a great investment.

  • The wooden pieces are easy to move around and there are great colours to play with
  • The idea cards are easy to follow and complete
  • The are lots of other designs that can be made

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