Djeco Polyssimo

Fit all the pieces in to solve the puzzle.


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Can you fit all the pieces into the grid? Why can the children do this better than me?!

Djeco Polyssimo is a wonderful spatial awareness game. With 30 levels that get more and more difficult to complete, it is a great game that everyone will want to join in with. Wooden pieces are placed on the board according to the level card you are given – there will be some missing. Your job is to complete the board by placing the remaining pieces into the grid – nothing can hang over the side and you won’t know if you are right until the last piece goes in. As you move forward in the game, the clues get less helpful, with more pieces to fit into grid.

This game has such a simple principle, but with so many options and variations, there are only some of us who can complete this, and they are usually younger than we are.

  • Everyone will want to join in
  • The first levels are easy to get you started
  • There are real problems to solve

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