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D’Lerium is a new, fast paced, dice game that everyone will love.

Start by rolling the five dice – each face shows a different action that needs to be done like a thumbs up or a peace sign. Quickly spot which action is shown on the most dice and then do it before everyone else – if you are the last to respond then you will be given a stamp to show you have lost a point. Be careful, there may be more than one action to do.

Now add in the d’lerium dice – the first one can cancel out the actions, a bit like a game of Simon’s Says – watch out as if you start to do the action, you will be out. The other dice tells you to ignore everything and pull the d’lerium face!

This is a great one for travelling with or going camping – simple rules that everyone can learn quickly and play together that cause lots of laughter. The game comes with a bag to keep all the dice safe and a stamper with the d’lerium face on it to keep score.

  • Everyone can play together
  • The actions are simple to perform
  • The d’lerium dice change everything – you have got to keep watching!

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