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Electronic Jewellery Unicorn is your opportunity to create a unique piece of wearable technology!

Combining art and design and electrical circuits to make a light up brooch sounds like a tall order, but this kit is so clear and has such a lovely outcome, we think children will persevere! The kit contains  the templates for the brooch, the battery, conductive wire that you can sew with, LED light bulbs, needle, thread and the brooch pin. Working through the excellent instructions, children will be connecting switches, sewing the fabric together and ensuring that the completed circuit operates correctly.

Once completed, they will have a unicorn brooch to wear – when you touch the two beads on the tail together, this will complete the circuit and light up the bulbs on the unicorn’s rainbow hair. Whilst this is a really attractive piece of jewellery, it is made even better by the fact that the child will have made it themselves and can also describe exactly how it is working.

We loved the processes involved in making this – really different and a totally new approach to crafting that children will love.

  • They are going to wear something that they have made themselves
  • They can control the lights
  • They get to use great electrical materials

This video will give you a step by step description of the process of making the brooch:

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