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This book is brimming with different ideas – create your own fingerprint animals with a lovely kit.

With a rainbow of seven ink pads (which are lovely and moist!), this kit gives children permission to play. They get an idea from a page and then create a picture – filling the page with dots that will become hedgehogs, chicks or perhaps the spots on a leopard. By then adding in further details with pens or pencils, the pages will come to life. There is no wrong or right here, just their ideas.

We love the illustration quality – the backgrounds that they are going to stamp on to are so inviting and they make great pictures. Once the book is full up, it will be lovely to keep but the inks will go on and on – a great way of making personalised birthday cards.

  • They are in charge of the picture
  • The colours are bright and fun
  • The pictures look amazing when they are finished
  • The pictures belong to them – made with their own fingertips

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