Flip Flap Minibeasts

Create new creatures!


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Flip Flap Minibeasts – a wonderful selection of little and fascinating beasts to create!

The flip flap series of books by Alex Scheffler are beautifully drawn. Each animal is divided into a top and bottom – there is a rhyme to tell about each one. As you flip the pages, the animals become jumbled up, their names get combined into new and creative creatures, the animals have different legs, eyes or colours depending on who they are matching with and the rhymes become fascinating as they describe the brand new animal.

A classic reading book with a great new twist – discover minibeasts you never knew existed! We love the attention to detail in this book – great design and illustration make it a bedtime read that you can use again and again.

  • They can make their own combinations
  • The new animals have great features
  • The rhymes are fun to read

This short video shows the book in action:

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