Garden Lights Glow In The Dark Sand Art

Paint by numbers – with sand…


4 in stock

4 in stock

Garden Lights Sand Art – create pictures that glow in the dark!

This set has four pictures to create, each using colourful sands and showing animals having fun in the park. If this sounds like a challenge in your home, please don’t worry – they have designed this product so well. Each picture has numbered stickers on – peel these off and the glue is in just the right place. Pour your sand on top, brush off any excess and then your colours will be in exactly the right place. The box is your working area, and will catch any excess sand or glitter, as you move on to each number in turn and build up the picture.

The box contains a four animal pictures, each 20 x 20 cm – each beautifully designed. There are 12 different colours of sand, 6 of which are phosphorescent and will create the glow in the dark effect.

  • The sands have lovely colours which look great on the pictures
  • The activity is easy to do and very satisfying
  • They can continue to create with the remaining colourful sand…


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