Genius Square

Who is the genius in your house?


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The Genius Square is only for geniuses! Do you qualify?

This is a clever one! Start by rolling the seven dice – they will each give you a grid reference which you use to place the ‘blockers’ onto your grid. You also have 9 colourful wooden blocks, each with a different shape – oblongs, squares, zig zigs etc. The task is simple – be the first one to place all your blocks into the grid around the ‘blocker’s. The clever thing is that it will always work – you may just take a little time to work out how!

There are 62,208 possible combinations and yes, children will generally find the one that works first! It is a game of trial and error – you need to experiment with different combinations and see what works – you may not be right first time. The first person to complete the grid wins the round!

The game comes with two sets of grids, blockers and wooden play pieces and a set of 7 dice. Warning – you may be up all night!

  • There is always a way of completing the grid
  • It is always a different way!
  • Speed and clever thinking win the game

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