Harry Potter Metal Earth – Golden Snitch

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Harry Potter Metal Earth – build the Golden Snitch and try and catch it!

Metal Earth is a precise and delicate metal construction method. Made from high quality steel sheets, each model features amazing detail with parts cut from one or more steel sheets. No glue or solder is required, the pieces will snap together using tabs to connect them. We recommend a magnifying glass and a good pair of tweezers to help, and some patience as they are fiddly, but good fiddly!

The end product is an intricate silver and gold model that will look amazing when displayed – perfect for someone who likes to sit and think and get something just right, but definitely for someone who is quite experienced in model making and is happy to take their time!

  • The impressive finished product is something to be displayed
  • They can take their time and relax
  • The materials to work with are excellent

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