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Headbands to Thread – and once they are made, headbands to wear and be very proud of!

This charming set is so well designed. There are a large number of beads, butterflies, birds, animals and other threadable elements, and of course you can collect and add your own. Put these in the tray and then use the special groove to decide where each one is going to be placed. There are four headbands included – now just use your clever fingers to add the beads on the headband and add some ends on so everything is safely in place and wear to the next party.

With reusable pieces, each design will be different and as there are four included, they can make them for friends and family to wear as well. Lots of decision making and design skills – a perfect way to move on to other more complex jewellery making projects.

  • There is so much choice
  • The design will be different every time
  • They can add in their own finds as well

Watch this short video to see how it all works:

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