Hoakes Island Adventure

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Hoakes Island Adventure by Helen and Ian Friel – a mystery puzzle book that will keep you guessing!

Hoakes Island and Amusement Park is in danger – someone is trying to take over and put it out of business. Your job is to find out what is happening and see what can be done. With puzzles, riddles, notes and clues, maps and diary entries, this book takes you on a journey of discovery. If you love to mysteries and can think your way of our a problem, this will completely enthral you! With special colour filters that work on some aspects, this book has it all.

We love the detailed thinking that has gone behind this – a series of puzzles to solve that all add up to one amazing story.

  • They are in charge of solving the mystery
  • There are so many different sorts of puzzles to solve
  • The story builds and builds

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