Hubbub Spin Game

Spin to win!

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The Hubbub Spin Game will get everyone guessing!

Get the ball spinning and take a challenge. This is a game of ‘mimic and mime’ – a new spin on a traditional charades game, with the added pressure of the spinning ball – when it stops spinning, your time is up. Try communicating ‘Catnap’ or ‘Monkey house’ – your acting skills will come into play, but you better think quickly!

With a very different way of timing the challenge, this is a great family game. The pack comes with a metal ball in a container – make it spin as fast as you can before starting. You have as long as it takes the ball to stop spinning to complete the challenge – usually around 30 seconds, unless you become a super spinner!

Easy for the whole family to join in with.

  • The ball spin is the key to the win
  • There are 500 categories to choose from
  • Everyone can join in at the same time

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