I Saw It First Ocean

Who will be the first to spot…?


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I SAW IT FIRST! We think that there may be arguments, but what a wonderful problem to have!

This is a new ocean themed game from Laurence King. Beautifully crafted in a triangular box, this turns into a double sided hexagonal board containing 300 sea creatures. Some are well known like the blue whale, sockeye salmon and the clownfish, others less so, like the water bear, barreleye and horse-eye jack. All you have to do is to find them first! However, the double sided board means that every time you play, the pieces will be in different locations – can you beat the others to see it first?

We love the illustrations and the wonderful range of sea life that have been included – a great family game that will be fun to play for the whole family – even if the children are much better at it than everyone else!

  • There are easy rules but endless play
  • The illustrations are lovely – full of character
  • The game is different every time

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