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These walls are not in the way – they are the answer to the problem! IQ Blox is a great challenge!

Start by putting the walls into the grids and see what spaces are left behind. The pieces will all fit into the grid, it is your job to find just how they do it! The booklet will show you the starting position – just finish it off. There are 120 different levels, each getting progressively more difficult to solve.

The IQ Puzzler series is a fantastic set of travel games. Contained in handy sized pocket pack, the aim of the game is to use the booklet provided to set up the challenge and then try and place all the remaining pieces into the grid. They start off easy(ish) and then become increasingly more difficult as the levels progress.

We love the quality of the pieces in these games – perfect for a child, or adult, who thinks that these puzzles are easy to solve – these will really test them.

  • There are so many levels to explore
  • The pieces feel really well made
  • The pack is easy to travel with
  • Finishing a level is very satisfying!

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