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IQ Circuit – connect the dots to complete the puzzles…

The IQ series of games is so popular. This is IQ Circuit – a game with 120 levels of challenge. The rules are simple – each golden line must start and end with a dot, no lines are allowed to be unconnected and all the pieces must fit into the grid. Sounds simple, but as you move through the levels, the clues become less and less helpful and there are more pieces to add.

This game really stands out in the IQ range due to the shiny gold effect on each of the pieces. However, whilst it looks simple, the pieces themselves gold on two sides, so there are choices to make. There are also levels where you need to fill in with black spaces, and some of the pieces can be laid on a side where no gold is shown, so even more choices! If you can complete the levels with out short circuiting your brain, you can move on to the next!

Supplied in a great travel case, the game also comes with a guarantee that if you loose a piece, the company will supply you with a replacement as you need them all to play the game. The answers are also provided.

A great challenge that will get them thinking.

  • There are 120 challenges to complete
  • They can take the game out and about with them
  • Everyone will want to join in

Here is a short video showing how this game works:

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